About us


About Serververhuur
Serververhuur is hosting gameservers since 01-01-2006 and we now have circa 400+ gameservers up and running. To host all these gameservers our serverpark has grown to ca 40 servers! To ensure the best quality we only use the best networks in Europe, for more information please check the network page. As we are on two locations, The Netherlands and Germany (Frankfurt), Serververhuur is able to offer everyone across Europe the best gaming experience! Our servers always are quad/dual-core or dual cpu to ensure there is always cputime for your gameserver, for more info about the servers please check the hardware page.

Why Serververhuur?
There are a lot of gameserver providers out there from youngsters (<18 years old) trying to host some servers for fun. Also a lot of providers aren't even legal (registered, paying taxes, etc). If you would like to have a stable server and you would like to be sure that your server remains for a year if you ordered and payed for it: choose Serververhuur! Also our servers and networks are one of the best in Europe while the price is very low. Payable quality is what Serververhuur stands for! Because we are in multiple networks it is also possible to switch your server to the other netwerk to improve your ping!